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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Garden Salsa

Tomatoes From Our Garden in Ohio!

How I LOVE this time of the year!!  The weather is nice, the pool is open and the garden is loaded with fresh vegetables, just waiting to be picked.  My husband was not messing around this year and he planted 11 tomato plants!  With all of our plants flourishing with red goodies, our favorite thing to make is fresh Salsa!!  I make a batch probably twice a week so we always have it available.

Full of nutritional goodness, Salsa can be used in so many ways other than the traditional chip dip.  Try putting some on your grilled chicken, hamburgers or other meat choice.  It is also delicious over scrambled eggs, in wraps or as a dressing on your salad or taco.

Every time we have a get together at our house, whether it be a holiday or just hanging out for no reason, I make a fresh batch of Salsa.  I get so many compliments for this quick and healthy snack, and I always get asked what's in it.  Well, that is a tricky question because honestly each batch is different.  I have my main ingredients that go into each batch but the rest is usually whatever is ready in the garden. And the quantities change due to the mood I am in.  Sometimes I like it spicy, sometimes I use more tomatoes than usual. Each batch is different but always delicious!  So play around with it and find the right combination for you and your family!

Garden Salsa

Must Have Ingredients:
Tomatoes (4-5)
Sweet Onion (1 med.)
Fresh Cilantro (Cilantro can be a very strong herb.  We usually use a handful but you may need to adjust to your liking)
Lime Juice (a generous squeeze)
Salt (to taste)

**The first time we made salsa like this we used only the must have ingredients (with a little garlic) and it was SO GOOD!

Choices for additional ingredients:
Garlic (To Taste. We love garlic so we tend to use a lot)
Jalapeno peppers
Green, Red or Yellow Peppers
Banana Peppers
green onions

Cut all your ingredients into chunks.  Put everything in a food processor and pulse until you receive your desired texture.  (It may look a little foamy on top, this is normal). For best results, chill overnight to let flavors blend, stirring occasionally.

**Sometimes we leave it on the chunky side and sometimes we pulse until it is almost liquid.  Again, depends on our mood

This Salsa reminds me of going to a really good Mexican Restaurant, and they bring you the homemade salsa that is so good and you sit there eating it thinking how I wish I could make fresh salsa like this.  Well now you can!!  Hope you enjoy!!

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