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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Preparing Cabbage on the Grill

Cabbage is packed full of Vitamin A, C, E and B.  Even more impressive is that, cabbage is famous for a specialized, naturally occurring, nitrogenous compound known as indoles. Current research indicates that indoles can lower the risk of various forms of cancer.YEAH!

Here are four simple steps to add cabbage to your dinner! Affordable, delicious and healthy, this side dish can be grilled along side your meat on the grill.

 Step 1: Quarter it 
Cut the cabbage into four separate wedges.  Place on enough aluminum foil in order to individually wrap the wedges.

Step 2: Season it
You can season is as you desire.  We enjoy adding a small amount of coconut oil on both sides and sprinkle with garlic powder, salt and pepper then drapping onions over the wedges.

Step 3: Roll it
Bring the opposite two sides of the foil together, roll to seal and fold the ends in and over the wedge.

Step 4:  Grill it
Using a gas grill, put the four individual packets on the top grill rack.  Grill on low for about an hour.  **All grills are different, you may need to unwrap one of the packets to test for desired tenderness.

ENJOY! Even your kids will love cabbage made this way.
Does anyone else have any ways to prepare cabbage they would like to share?

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