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Friday, November 7, 2014

Five Tips for Healthy Edge Holidays

Do you believe it is possible to go through a holiday season and not put on an additional 5, 10 or 15 pounds? What about the possibility to actually RELEASE weight during the holidays? There are MANY people who make it through the holidays without gaining weight…it has been done. However, if you don’t believe YOU can do it, you will find yourself repeating the same pattern from years past. The only limits you have are the limits you have placed in your life. Are you ready to breakthrough and create something different and exciting in your life?

Let’s start with the foundation of our healthy journey: remembering your “WHY” for being healthy. There is not a better time than the holidays to remember what is really important in life. As you spend time with the people who mean the most to you, realize that your health is what allows you the time and energy to truly enjoy the experiences and memories. Being sick, depressed, tired and overweight is no way to spend the holidays or your life for that matter.

Here are some guiding principles of The Healthy Edge lifestyle to maximize your health during the holidays.

1. EAT! Skipping meals or starving yourself to “save up” calories for a holiday dinner/party is an  equation for disaster. This leads to carbohydrate binges, overeating, energy crashes, decreased  metabolism and unwanted storage of fat all wrapped up in some self-loathing. Be sure to eat a low-glycemic breakfast within an hour of waking and continue to fuel your body every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism burning, your energy soaring and your appetite in check.

2. Drink 80 oz. or more of water daily. As one of the guiding Healthy Edge principles, drinking water will keep you energized and supports weight release. Many people mistake “hunger” for “thirst” and as “spirits” flow at your holiday events, water can ensure that the next morning isn’t accompanied by a headache.

3. Create new traditions with food. Instead of Great Grandma’s pound cake or the “cheese ball” you make each year, what about embracing the idea of doing something different (and healthy)? Prepare and bring “Healthy Edge” dishes to parties so you can feel confident of your food choices! Raspberry Quinoa Applesauce, Brown Basmati Rice and Apple Stuffing, Smashed Sweet Potatoes and Cauliflower Gratin with Gruyere Cheese are among the favorites! What a treat to enjoy flavorful and healthy food and not end up on the couch with your pants

4. Commit to exercise. I know, when do you possibly have time to exercise during the holidays? Make a minimal commitment of exercising three days a week instead of taking the entire holiday season off. Workout DVD’s are great during the holidays when the weather keeps you inside. Cleaning your house for guests can become an opportunity for a built in workout. Exercise makes you more sensitive to your insulin levels, revs up your metabolism and puts you in a better mood along with the amazing health benefits for your heart and lungs.

5. Keep your environment safe. Probably the most powerful tip in The Healthy Edge lifestyle is controlling your environment. Commit to keeping your refrigerator and pantry a safe haven, full of whole grains, fruit, vegetable, lean meats, nuts and beans. Choose to NOT bring home leftovers or sweets from the office or parties. The Healthy Edge Cookbook is an incredible resource for quick, easy and delicious recipes and can be found at your local Marlene’s Market.

Believe in yourself and the value of your health and your family’s health. The Healthy Edge is your lifestyle resource for living your abundant life. Check out The Healthy Edge program opportunities at  www.getthehealthyedge.com.

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