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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Children and Type II Diabetes

I was recently reading an article from USA Today titled: “Most type 2 diabetes can be stopped at childhood.” Really? Thanks for the news flash! Of course it IS! Most people realize that type 2 diabetes is a lifestyle disease that is not only preventable but reversible with the right diabetic diet! It’s all about choices!

Now on to the article’s recommendations for CHILDREN with type 2 Diabetes. Notice I say these are recommendations for the children and NOT the parents.

Let me pick out a couple of my FAVORITES!
Limit fatty foods: Burger and fries are high in fat: try pretzels instead of potato chips.

Wow! Are you kidding me? Obviously the first statement about burgers and fries is valid, but pretzels instead of potato chips? You are swiping one problem for another. Not only are pretzels COMPLETELY devoid of nutrition, but they are high glycemic! The very thing diabetics need to learn to avoid! What about a suggestion like this?

PARENTS, get rid of the highly processed chips, pretzels, crackers, etc. that are causing your kids’ health problems. Stack the refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables so your kids can incorporate them in their diabetic diet. Make a healthy hummus dip to liven up veggies! Kids will choose healthy when there are no other choices! Check out The Healthy Edge Cookbook for four different hummus recipes and many wonderful kid approved recipes!!

Here’s another brilliant suggestion: Cut Sugar. Switch to sugar-free drinks.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Seriously? This is endorsing things like Crystal Light, Diet Sodas and “energy drinks” that contain things like aspartame, acesulfame-k and sucralose. If you are unaware of what these things are linked to, let me give you a few: ADD, ADHD, depression, cancer, central nervous system difficulties, skin problems…just to name a few. The younger the age, the more exposure and let me tell you WE ARE THE TEST SUBJECTS when it comes to artificial sweeteners! It is ONLY a matter of time before the results are in and these sweeteners and the health ramifications will be exposed!
                              What about this suggestion:
Cut Sugar in cereals and drinks: The unhealthy cereals are marketed TO YOUR CHILDREN! Here’s a diabetes diet tip for you: Make eggs with vegetables, buy slow cooking oatmeal, fruit and greek style yogurt (with no added sugar) or a yummy meal replacement shakes for breakfast! Substitute sugary sodas and fruit juices with water! Add lemon and other fruits to water to change the flavor. Buy 100% fruit juices (check the labels) and combine 1/3 fruit juice and 2/3 water to give water more flavor.

The reason kids don’t like these things is because they have TOO many options! Establishing a proper diabetic diet may seem like a battle at first, but YOU are creating a SAFE haven for your children and saving their lives! If your excuse is TIME, then you are going to have great difficulty convincing your child that fast food and processed foods are not the only way to live life when you are busy.

The lessons and example you set is the example they are going to follow! Follow this diabetes diet guide for your health as well as your child’s health! It is worth the time, effort, money, etc. for you to make decisions to keep your medical bills down and your family together longer!


  1. This is a great post. I know I try to set an example for my girls when it comes to food choices.

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