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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deprived Kids or Healthy Kids…Can You Have Both?

The most common questions I get around getting healthy have to do with kids. It is one thing when we as adults make a decision to go on a health kick or to start exercising again however, when it comes to making decisions that will affect our kids many parents freeze up. Making change at home means dealing with the moaning and groaning of our children when we tell them it is time to start getting healthy.
I am on this journey everyday as I provide the healthiest environment that I can for my family. It is so important to not fall into the mindset that you are depriving your children of something good. It is not good to feed children foods that will adversely affect their health when they are older. I have never talked to a parent that said my goal for my child is to make sure he has diabetes at a young or old age. That is absurd! Yet the lifestyles of some families are putting then on track to achieve that result.
When Arleena was diagnosed with food allergies, it was very emotionally difficult for me to take her off of gluten and dairy. I felt like I had taken away a huge part of her life. The opposite was true. After explaining that she had a special belly that could not handle those items she was on board to get healthy. It is very important to enroll your children in getting healthy. Be sure to find healthy alternatives to their current diets before you turn their world upside down.

The Healthy Edge program has a great pantry list that you can use to have your kids select what they want to eat and The Healthy Edge Cookbook has many kid approved recipes to help you keep on track. The more they take ownership of the changes the better response you will get. Be sure to explain why you are making changes to help them get healthy. The “BECAUSE I SAID SO” approach doesn’t work as good as letting them be involved in the decision making. Empower them and they will empower you!

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  1. So true! Kids are at a disadvantage in life when they are provided with foods that will keep them sick and tired. Loving our kids is about giving them opportunity and strength to do and be their best! Thanks for a great post.


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