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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

School Time Lunches!!

Show your kids you care!
School mornings can be very hectic!!  You have to get the whole family dressed, fed, teeth brushed, hair done, etc. One suggestion I have to parents, to help cut some of that stress, is to make your kid’s (and your) lunches the night before.  Try designating a time each evening where everyone can work together to make their own lunch!  This will help take some of the stress away from the morning and lets your kids feel like they have a say in what they get for lunch instead of being surprised. A healthy snack drawer is a super easy way to let your kids have the power of choice, and you to control that power! 
Remember that your kids have limited time to eat lunch and often enjoy talking more than eating!  So it is important to pack things that are easy to eat.  Make sure fruits and vegetable are cut into bite size pieces, ready to pick up and eat right away!!  Whenever I buy grapes at the store, the first thing I do when I get home is take them all off the vine, wash them and put them in a container.  This makes lunch packing (and snack time) a lot easier!  Same with carrots and celery! 
If your kids are picky about eating sandwiches (or crusts) try using a cookie cutter to create a fun shape for their sandwich!  Or try using a whole grain wrap!  And instead of using your normal condiments (mayo, mustard, ketchup) try using avocado dip or hummus!  Sometimes spouses can be as difficult as kids are when it comes to making healthy choices.  I made my husband a wrap for lunch one day using a piece of ham, turkey, couple slivers tomato, and avocado dip (he is use to bread, mustard and ham). I was nervous as to what his reaction would be but he LOVED it!!  The next day he wanted two!  Try a test run with your kids for supper one night.  Experiment and figure out what they like.  Kids love fun!  Make a game out of eating healthy!  Reward them when they try something new! 
If you are NOT excited about the snacks provided at your school, ask their teacher or principal if you can provide your child with their own bin of snacks.  Also, offer to be the parent that supplies the snacks for the entire class weekly or monthly! You can also set up a meeting with your child’s teacher and ask for support with helping your child make healthy choices.  This is a great time to discuss ways to limit junk food in the classroom.  Many teachers are looking for ways to implement good snacks during special times, they just need ideas or volunteers! A few healthy parents and a few good recipes go a long way in providing a safe environment for our children!

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