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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dinner ideas easy enough to do tonight!

So what’s for dinner?  The agonizing question that often fills the mind of busy moms as they work, clean take care of the kids and then just when they think they have it all under control...  It is dinner time again and the self condemning thoughts start coming to arise…
1.       I should have planned better…
2.       I should have written down my grocery list for the week…
3.       I should have picked some new recipes to prepare…
4.       I don’t have time to do anything healthy I just have to get through the day…
If you suffer from this self condemning thought process about dinner… no need to worry!  I have some dinner ideas easy enough to do tonight.  You can do fast and healthy dinners at the last minute.  I have to admit that I often still find myself whipping up easy dinner ideas so I can keep on schedule.  Here are a few tips for the future to keep you on track and prepared to create an easy dinner. 
1.       Create an environment at your home that is easy and simple.  Dinner can be enjoyable without it being a big production.  Always have freshly frozen organic vegetables in your freezer.  A variety of peas, green beans, edamame, sweet corn and mixed vegetables, give you a nice base to make dinner ideas easy enough to whip up in ten minutes.  
2.       Always keep grass fed beef, venison, turkey breast, chicken breasts or meats of choice easily packed in 1 lb increments.  If you are in a bind it is easy to defrost a small amount of meat and incorporate it into an easy dinner.   
3.       Crockpot a full chicken once a week.  Finding a local farm that can supply your chicken can make your poultry safer and much more economical.   By doing a nice sized chicken once a week it is easy at dinner time to make shredded BBQ chicken one day (A great healthy BBQ Sauce recipe found in The Healthy Edge Cookbook) and then make healthy chicken salad two different ways for the rest of the week. 
4.       The Sauce of Champions.  My favorite stir fry sauce is Olive Oil, minced garlic, cumin and lemon juice.  M ix together to taste and enjoy a healthy and easy dinner.
Having chicken delicious chicken cooked in your refrigerator allows you to put together a nice stir fry with your frozen vegetables or create amazing chicken salads as found in The Healthy Edge Cookbook.  Having small increments of meat allows you to easily defrost and also whip up a stir fry that is healthy for your family.  No matter how busy we are it is important to create dinner ideas that are easy but also full of nutrients.  We only have one life to live here on earth and by taking care of our health we will be able to have the motivation and energy to accomplish great things!  Live abundantly!

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