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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Food For Diet Minded People

Got DIET on the mind?  Are you sick of having to think about dieting again?  Here is some brain food for diet minded people.  This is what I have learned after YEARS of dieting… 
1.       Don’t need it!  If I am going on a diet that means I am coming off a diet.  And if I come off a diet the weight will soon follow me.
2.       Influencing the way I see myself.  Why is it that so many people let the scale tell them how to feel about themselves?  If I wake up and the scale tells me I am down 5 pounds I jump for joy… but if the scale tells me I gained a pound I walk away defeated. 
3.       Enough already!  Have you been on every diet known to man and even a few diets more than once?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  When is losing the weight just to gain it back again going to go OUT OF STYLE instead of being the norm.
4.       Time OUT!  Taking a timeout and becoming aware of what it going on between my ears, allowed me to create a lifestyle that has kept me healthy and thin for years.  It isn’t a pill or a quick fix or special food for diet minded people… It is about getting a LIFE you can live with that has the side effect of losing weight and more importantly being healthy for life!
If you would have told me I didn’t need food for diet to work but just needed to change some habits in my life, I probably would have told you that I am more interested in a quick fix and fitting into that really little dress I am planning on wearing at a wedding.  My motivations were always based on my physical appearance.  After I lost my mom to breast cancer my perception on dieting changed dramatically and I was no longer concerned with how I looked, I was concerned about living past the age of 45.  I was worried about seeing my future children grow up and growing really OLD with my high school sweetheart.  My mom missed my wedding the birth of my children and so much more.  She only needed 2 more years to see these things happen.  I hope you will take a look at your motivations to diet and create a why that will allow you to make some changes in your lifestyle that will have the side effect of looking great, but more importantly, allow you to regain your health.  I only surround myself with like minded people that want to join me in a lifestyle I can live with, not a D.I.E.T. that will kill me.

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