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Friday, October 12, 2012

Healthy Halloween! Top Snack Picks!

While I love Halloween, I am not crazy about the bags full of candy my kids seem to accumulate between school and trick-or-treating.  Dressing my kiddies up in cute costumes (they are still little so we can still do cute) is so much fun.  Even the going out trick-or-treating, seeing all the other kids costumes and letting them see who's bag can get the fullest is fun.  But the aftermath...NOT FUN! The having to say no, you can pick one piece and the rest gets put away, is almost not worth it.  That is why we try to make there treats at home more fun than the ones that fill there bags.  

*For the extra Halloween candy your kids accumulate: check to see if your local dentist office has a program for the extra candy.  There are a couple in my area that give prizes to kids who turn in there candy to them.  Or let your kids pick out there top 10 favorites and save them for Special Occasions and get rid of or donate the remaining.

Here are our top picks for healthy halloween treats to have waiting for your little ones at home.  Or great ideas for Halloween parties (at home and school).

1.) Apple Bites: Cut your apples into slices.  Use peanut butter (or any nut butter) to stick them together, and then use almond slivers to look like crazy teeth.  Your kids will have as much fun making them as they will eating them!

2.)  Hummus and Fingers!  Take Carrot pieces and make slivers in them to look like knuckles.  Take your favorite Hummus or Avocado dip and use it to stick almond slivers or green pepper pieces to the tops for finger nails.  Then have them sticking out of your dip bowl so it looks like a hand.  Cute idea for a Halloween party!

3.)  Cheese Fingers!  With the same idea as above, use string cheese in place of carrots, and use green peppers for the finger nails.  Cute treat for school parties!

4.) Deviled Egg Spiders!  Make deviled eggs and use black olives to put spiders on top.  Another spooky party idea!

5.) Melon Brains!  Take a small seedless watermelon and use a vegetable peeler to remove the entire green rind leaving only the white rind. Slice off the bottom to create a flat base.  Using a toothpick, outline squiggly furrows that resemble the surface of the brain.  Then carve narrow channels along the tracings with a sharp paring knife to expose the fruit beneath the rind. 

6.)  Orange Pumpkins Delights! Using a Navel Orange and a small knife, slice the top off and cut around its interior to hollow it out.  Scoop out the orange segments and save for filling.  Carve a small face into one side of the orange.  Cut a slit int he lid to accommodate the handle of a green plastic spoon.  Fill the orange with mixed fruit of your choice.  Insert the spoon and set the lid on top with spoon poking out of the already made slit.

7.) Pumpkin Platter! Put your Hummus (or other healthy vegetable dip) into small dishes, using the shapes you prefer for your eyes and nose.  For the mouth, use half slices of cucumbers and for the stem use broccoli.  Use Carrot pieces to make your round pumpkin.  Then set it out for your little monsters to enjoy!

8.) Banana Ghosts!  Cut your banana into the size ghosts you want then slice in half.  Spread peanut butter on the flat side, use a toothpick to clear a hole for the mouth and raisins for the eyes.  You can also insert a popsicle stick into the bottom of a half banana and use a nut butter to stick raisin eyes on them for another ghostly treat!  One more idea for bananas is to cut one into slices, put circle of peanut butter in middle of flat side and a raisin in the middle for banana eyeballs! This would be a cute craft for your kids Halloween party!

Hope you enjoy these Healthy Halloween treats!!  For delicious hummus and avocado recipes check out The Healthy Edge Cookbook!  You can also find delicious vegetable dips when you sign up for the Healthy Edge 14 day FREE trial!

We would love to hear your Healthy Halloween treat ideas!!

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