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Monday, October 14, 2013

Healthy Halloween Treat Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and all I can think of is all the candy my kids will accumulate while participating in the fun and festive Halloween activities.  From school parties to trick or treating and every other event they are invited to.  I love to see my kids dressed up in their costumes and how much fun they have trick-or-treating and seeing all their friends, but I DO NOT like all the junk food that ends up at my house.  Last year we talked about The Candy Exchange and I know I will be doing this again this year.  But I’ve also been thinking of other ways that I can make Halloween fun for them, and to get their minds off of the one thing I dread, CANDY OVERLOAD!

Here are 4 fun, healthy treats that you can make with your children or you can surprise them with when they get home from their Halloween festivities!  Enjoy!

1. Orange Pumpkins:  Peel your oranges.  Use a slice of  celery for the stem. That's it and you have these cute, fun snacks! I am going to make these for my sons Halloween party at school.  All naturally cute!

2.  Hard Boiled Ghost:  Hard boil as many eggs as you want ghosts.  Carefully peel off shell.  Slice off bottom of the egg so they will stand on their own.  Use olive pieces, raisin pieces or a black food of your choice for the eyes.  Using a small paring knife, cut out the shape of the mouth.  My kids love boiled eggs as after school snacks so these are perfect for me!  I let them make there ghost face and then smile as they bit the heads off!

3. Eyeballs: Wash a desired amount of grapes and peel.   To play a trick on your kids, be sure to have these ready and tell them to close their eyes. When they reach their hands into the bowl and feel these slimy eyeballs they won’t know what to think!  Another thing to pair with this (maybe not to eat) is cold spaghetti.  Feels like worms :)

4. Popcorn hands:  Use a clear plastic glove, non laytex for this treat.  For the fingernails, you can use the traditional candy corn or replace them with raisins.  Stuff the rest of the glove with popcorn.  Using a twisty tie or ribbon, tie the bottom of the glove shut. For a little extra fun, place a plastic Halloween ring on one of the fingers.  This is another wonderful idea for a school treat!   

 More healthy Halloween Snack Ideas!

What is your favorite Healthy Halloween Treat?

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  1. Wow!! Really healthy food ideas for a Halloween party. Want to have something great like this for my Halloween party. Best thing that I liked is popcorn hand. Will surely have it in my party also. Have booked one of amazing Seattle venues for the day.


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