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Friday, June 13, 2014

Fruit Kabobs

This month the Healthy Edge Online Community is discussing a topic that is very important to many people: Healthy On A Budget!  Many people have the thought that “healthy eating this” is expensive, but this is far from the truth!

During summer break it may feel as though your kids have a bottomless stomach!   It doesn’t take long to get fed up from hearing, “I’m hungry”, multiple times during the day. It is also easy to feel overwhelmed and give into purchasing the “convenient” foods that will just SHUT THE KIDS UP ALREADY! But convenience comes as a cost. What are these foods doing to your children’s health?  AND…Have you ever added up the amount of money that these “convenience” and so called “economical” foods cost you?  You may be shocked!

At The Healthy Edge, we are firm believers in creating a safe environment for your family.  If you bring the food into your home, YOUR FAMILY WILL EAT IT, whether it is processed or whole foods.  It’s time to break through your belief systems and old habits and give your family a healthy, happy summer!

Fruit Kabobs are a great “go to” snack throughout the day and make a perfect addition to any cookout! Actually anything on a stick seems to be a hit with the kiddos (big and small).

What you Need:
Fruits or Vegetables
Wooden Skewers

Wash and cut your fruits or vegetables into bite size pieces, put in containers with lids, store in the refridgerator.  That’s it!!

Take the containers out of the refrigerator, set up a buffet, give your kids a stick and let them create their own kabob.  Done!

The biggest thing with kids (and parents) is keeping it simple and fun (and sometimes clean).  Each week you can mix up the fruits or vegetables you use so they don’t get burned out on the same ones.  And the wonderful thing about fruits and veggies are the colors!  Try making holiday kabobs for your next celebration.

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