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Friday, October 17, 2014

Healthy Halloween

So it’s that time of year again…the candy filled craziness of Halloween.  Many of you may remember our Candy Exchange method when it comes to the full bags of candy that many of our children will accumulate through Halloween parties and Trick-or-Treat.

We still implement the Candy Exchange method in our homes.  If the kiddos decide to trade in their candy, they get FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS to take to the Dollar Tree and roam the store picking out any five things that they feel, “they just can’t live without”.  The candy can then be donated to your spouse’s work place or literally thrown away.

Below you will find five fun and delicious options to keep Halloween entertaining (and healthy) for your kids.  They all would make perfect ideas for school parties or any Halloween party you are invited to or hosting.  We would love to hear your Halloween traditions and treat ideas! 

Healthy Halloween Ideas

 Spider Sandwich:  These is a great idea to surprise your kids with in their lunch.  Using whole grain bread and natural peanut or almond butter, you can cut the sandwich into a circle, use thin carrot slices for the legs and raisins for eyes.  Super fun and cute!

Banana Ghosts: By cutting bananas in half, they make the perfect ghost shape!  Use three chocolate chips or raisins and secure with your favorite nut butter to make the eyes and nose. 

Spider Eggs:  Turn regular grapes into fun spider eggs!  Simply put in a bag, print off a fun label and add a spider sticker or spider ring to give it a spidery affect!  Perfect for school parties!!

Monster Melon: This would be a great idea for older kids who enjoy anything to with vomiting (like boys of all ages).  Carve your mouth out of the watermelon, hollow out as much watermelon as you can and cut into chunks.  Add other fruits and have it spilling out of your mouth.  Use two cucumber slices, grapes (or whole olives) and a toothpick to secure the eyes.

Fruity Pumpkin Afro!  This is probably my favorite! This would be great for any Halloween party!  Could you imagine being the mother/father who supplied this fun treat at your kids class party?  Draw your face on the pumpkin, make your fruit skewers (enough for amount of kids that will be there) and secure them all around the top of the pumpkin to make it look like an afro.  This is also a perfect project to have your kids help create!

Happy Healthy Halloween!!

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