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Friday, October 21, 2011

Overwhelmed Gluten Free Mommy

When we first got the news of our daughter having Celiac and needing to go Gluten free it was an immediate panic moment.  Even though I myself had gotten this news months earlier, my baby having to deal with this was another story.  Where do I start?  In that moment I had two choices…

 #1: Go to the store and buy all the Gluten Free comfort foods I could find and make my child happy with her new gluten free life.  

#2:  Take a step back and remember what is most import to me as a mom… and that is making sure my children are healthy for life. 

 I lost my mother to breast Cancer and many other relatives to lifestyle diseases and I am not about to be another page in that book.  I learned three things right away when I went gluten free.

#1:  A Gluten Free lifestyle does not mean Healthy.  

#2:  Gluten Free is a Market just like Sugar Free and it is hit HARD by media. 

#3:  Being educated in essential to protect my family.

I know you may be overwhelmed… and I know it is very easy to just start buying all that processed gluten free/allergy free food even though it is extremely expensive.  However, I want to encourage you to take this news as an opportunity to create an amazingly fun and healthy life for your family.  You now have a reason and a very powerful why that could change your life for the better.   You could be liberated by your new restrictions or you can choose to be emotionally locked up by them.  Take it one day at a time and I hope you will join me in taking a Gluten Free Journey… The Healthy Edge Way.  Three things to start applying today…

#1: Get a separate toaster for gluten free items…   Only use that toaster for Gluten Free and keep it away from your other toaster.

#2: Oatmeal must say Gluten Free or it has Gluten…  Any package that does not say “Gluten Free”, check out online before you buy it.

#3: Keep it simple for now…  Whole foods are very nutritious, easy, and I promise your family will not starve. 
Get some of my favorite Gluten free recipes at www.cupfullofrecipes.com .  

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