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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Picky Morning Eater!

This morning, and most mornings, my little girl came down the stairs saying mommy I want cereal.  Every morning I try to get her to have something besides cereal!  My son will eat about whatever I give him, whether it is eggs, oatmeal, a banana or just toast with a little jelly on it.  But not my daughter!  Cereal and waffles are about the only thing she wants.  

I have been reading many different blogs lately and I am getting some very good ideas for my picky little eater!  My favorite is making a buffet and letting the kids pick what they want.  So this morning I gave this a whirl and it worked AWESOME!!  She always loves helping me in the kitchen so I told her what her options were and we made her own oatmeal recipe!  Why did I not think of this earlier!  It is such a simple idea! I am more of a take charge, make it and expect that they will eat it.  Giving her the power to make it how she wanted saved the fighting over just getting her to try it!  

           Ryleigh's Oatmeal

           Little bit of Honey

Does anyone else use this trick on their picky eater??

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