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Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Quickly Chop or Dice a Bell Pepper

I have never claimed to know what I am doing in the kitchen but one thing I do know how to do is make things quicker and easier.  Fresh veggies are a key in my eating healthy plan so I am constantly chopping and dicing! I am not a master at hand chopping or dicing but as a busy mom I love making my dinner recipes simple and easy in preparation.  I wanted to share how I dice or chop a bell pepper in 60 seconds or less.  I will admit that chopping or dicing a bell pepper use to take me longer than putting together the whole rest of my quick dish.  I learned quickly that if I could not get my vegetables prepared quickly my dinner would not be a quick fix.  If I had this problem I am guessing others may find this interesting as well!  So here we go.
Step #1: Cut the top and bottom off the bell pepper

Step #2: Use your hands to clean out the insides and put aside

Step #3: slice the pepper into 3 or 4 sections while it is standing on end as shown.

Step #4: Use a chopper!  I didn’t say I was a chef that could quickly dice or chop peppers… this will save you so much time and make everything very uniform and pretty.  If you do not have a chopper it is easy to now dice or chop the pepper in this form with a knife.

Step #5: Enjoy

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