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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Easy Squeezy Orange Juice

Tis a wonderful time of year for fresh oranges!  We can remember going to a Christmas party every year where we would gather with all of our first and second cousins, some of whom we only saw once a year during the holidays. We would impatiently await for 'Santa' with the fake cottony beard to enter with a "ho ho ho" and a bag full of gifts for each and everyone of us. The adults would enjoy the giddy laughs of us kids, but they were secretly awaiting anxiously for what happens after Santa passed out all of his gifts.  He would disappear up the steps and come down with a crate full of big, bright and juicy oranges.  Now this was the best part, all the adults made a dash for the crate to grab as many of these delicious oranges as they could carry. Looking back, we think Santa liked to tease the adults, because just as they thought they were all were gone, our uncle would come down the steps with a crate or two more.  Everyone would leave with arms full of presents, oranges and a smile on their face. Oh the memories! 

Now personally we LOVE to peel an orange and just eat it!  But why not make things a little bit more fun for the kids (and ourselves) when we can.  Check out a wonderful idea to try with your kids when you get fresh oranges!

Easy Squeezy Orange Juice

First:  Let your child roll the orange around on a table to loosen up the insides and make it nice and juicy.  

Second:  Have an adult cut a whole in the orange.                                  

Third:  Give your child a straw and let them stick it in the hole and start sucking the delicious juice out of the orange. Tell them to move it around and mash it around.                                        

Fourth:  When all the juice is gone, they can flip it inside out and finish by eating the yummy insides!

Healthy and Fun!  
Perfect snack to make both you and your child happy!

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